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While Internet use was not the primary focus of the 2007 .

Information from these two sources are not directly comparable, but are used to complement each other.

Both surveys employ a complex sample design, and bootstrap weights were used to produce estimates and conduct statistical tests using SAS Bootvar software.

Definitions Baby boomers, boomers, middle-aged, and seniors of tomorrow: refers to people who were aged 45 to 64 in 2007.

This study draws from two main sources, the 2007 Canadian Internet Use Survey (CIUS), and the 2007 General Social Survey (GSS), to compare the Internet use of baby boomers aged 45 to 64 in 2007 with seniors aged 65 and older.

The 2007 sample consists of over 26,000 Canadians 16 years of age or older.

The sample size for individuals aged 45 to 64 was about 9,700, and over 5,500 for individuals 65 years and older.

The 2007 GSS sampled more than 23,000 individuals, including about 15,000 individuals aged 45 to 64, and 8,300 individuals 65 years and older.

And yet, for all of the Internet's pervasiveness, studies of the digital divide remind us that there remain significant differences in access to and use of the Internet along socio-economic and demographic lines, with age in particular identified as an important factor.

For this analysis, only home Internet users were included.

In 2007, the vast majority of boomers used the Internet, but significantly fewer seniors went online (Chart 1).

The 2007 CIUS collected information on 26 online activities.

The questions for 24 activities were only asked of those who used the Internet from home, while two e-commerce related activities were asked of those who used the Internet from any location.

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