Statistics of deaths because of dating violence

Annual updates of NVDRS data also are available through a web-based query system (WISQARS) at

NVDRS uses multiple, complementary data sources, including death certificates, coroner/medical examiner (CME) records, and law enforcement reports.

Although WHEN's main focus is supporting women who have been abused, the organization also hosts an annual conference that offers workshops to support male domestic violence victims, and to educate male abusers who are aware of their ways and seek to make a change.

Karch, Ph D Joseph Logan, Ph D Dawn Mc Daniel, Ph D Sharyn Parks, Ph D Nimesh Patel, MS Division of Violence Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, CDC Corresponding author: Joseph Logan, Ph D, Division of Violence Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, CDC, 4770 Buford Hwy, N. Telephone: 770-488-1529; Fax: 770-488-4222; E-mail: [email protected] Problem/Condition: An estimated 50,000 persons die annually in the United States as a result of violence-related injuries. Results are reported by sex, age group, race/ethnicity, marital status, location of injury, method of injury, circumstances of injury, and other selected characteristics. Description of System: NVDRS collects data regarding violent deaths obtained from death certificates, coroner/medical examiner reports, and law enforcement reports.

Results: For 2009, a total of 15,981 fatal incidents involving 16,418 deaths were captured by NVDRS in the 16 states included in this report.

The majority (60.6%) of deaths were suicides, followed by homicides and deaths involving legal intervention (i.e., deaths caused by police and other persons with legal authority to use deadly force, excluding legal executions) (24.7%), deaths of undetermined intent (14.2%), and unintentional firearm deaths (0.5%).

The results indicate that violent deaths resulting from self-inflicted or interpersonal violence disproportionately affected adults aged NVDRS was conceived as a state-based active surveillance system that would collect risk-factor data concerning all violence-related deaths, including homicides, suicides, and legal intervention deaths (i.e., deaths caused by police and other persons with legal authority to use deadly force; excluding legal executions), as well as unintentional firearm deaths and deaths of undetermined intent.

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Interpretation: This report provides a detailed summary of data from NVDRS for 2009.Suicides were preceded primarily by mental health, intimate partner, or physical health problems or by a crisis during the previous 2 weeks.Homicides occurred at higher rates among males and persons aged 20–24 years; rates were highest among non-Hispanic black males.Call if you are aware of a crime of abuse in progress, or if you feel threatened. has a Spokane Police Officers Domestic Violence Team, which is a group of officers and detectives who are trained in dealing with domestic violence.They are trained to help the victim understand the level of risk in their particular situation. Monroe Street Spokane, WA(inside the YWCA)A team of police officers and detectives, prosecutors and advocates work together in this office to support victims of domestic violence.

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