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The harmony of the proportions of a horse is quite complex and not always obvious.

A fundamental book on this subject is ““, Viking Press, NY, 1991.

Tati had imagined the story should take place in Prague, but Chomet, after a visit, thought that it was not the right place.

Instead, he was very impressed by Edinburgh, for its natural changing light.

However, in “Le Illusioniste,” there’s also a modest use of 3D animation, for those elements that the director felt that they were worth 3-dimensional, such as vehicles and an aerial view of Edinburgh in one of the final sequences.

I often say that drawing men and dogs is the same thing: if you do something wrong, the subject acquires character, however, draw the women how to draw horses: even if you fail a proportion, the result is a disaster .

THIS WEEK ON LICK THE PLATE It's the perfect mix of food and music this week on Lick the Plate on 93.9 The River with chef/owner Josh Fraser from Rino's Kitchen & Ale House in Windsor who also plays guitar, banjo and lapsteel in the band Diane Motel.

We recorded in the studio above the killer restaurant and this was one of those great conversations that could have gone on for hours.

” So, he contacted the Foundation Tati, directed by the daughter, Sophie Tatischeff (french director and editor), for approval.

After seeing a sketches portfolio, she not only gave his approval, but spoke to Chomet about a project never realized by his father, expressing the opinion that the Chomet’s graphic style could be suitable for it.

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