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To those attending the STER Dysart Ride this month: Please note that due to horse containment issues at recent rides, ALL YARDS WILL BE CHECKED on the Friday night by the Chief Steward, and TAPED YARDS MUST BE ELECTRIFIED. Keep it within the bounds of common sense, no big flags, balloons or jester hats near the vet ring!

to all those people who entered online - this is a huge time saver for the ride committee. There will be a TV on the grounds and we will endeavour to get the results out to our checkpoint operators and competitors who are interested!

Pat Lamprey/Pam Shadbolt will distribute more details soon.

A flyer with more information can be downloaded here.

ALL POSITIONS WILL BE DECLARED VACANT, AND NOMINATIONS FOR THESE POSITIONS WILL BE TABLED THROUGH THE AGM. [email protected] 6268 6699 Ossie Owen - [email protected] 6234 7113 FROM THE TOM QUILTY EVENT DIRECTOR Now that things have started to settle I thought I would take the opportunity to pass on my sincere appreciation to everyone who assisted in the successful running of this wonderful event.

So many people got behind our small committee and did their bit to promote Tasmania as one of the up and coming thriving endurance riding States in this country.

The results were generally very positive and almost everyone was in favour of being able to enter rides via the website.

Many thanks to those who provided feedback via the website survey.There are in fact too many to mention, you all know who you are and what you have done to help and I thank you wholeheartedly.As a riding community, we should all be extremely proud of the success achieved by the entire Tasmanian contingent, from those who excelled at the front of the field, to those whose aim was a buckle even though it meant long hours in the saddle and careful tending of their tiring horses. To those who unfortunately did not achieve their goal, the Quilty will be back with us in a few years – aim to achieve that buckle next time.:-) There was one 'abysmal' vote for the ride results, but there were no comments as to why.One of the goals for this year was to improve the speed of ride results being available on the website.

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