Computer zes when updating bios

I take it you hadn't read the manual before the initial post?

."Automatic PWM control of the fans requires cable “A” of the PCB panel (4.3) is connected to a PWM connector on your MB.

I also notice that when I turn the machine on, the CPU fans stop. Wondering if it's leaking power back into the motherboard.

Sounds like the logical place to start the debugging process. Not sure how the hub could effect the CPU fans though but I can disconnect it from CHA_FAN2 and see what happens.

Lacking such a connection the speed of the fans connected can only be regulated manually." So my question to you is what is the official PWM connector on my MB?

- Asus Q-Connector is filled with power LED, hard disk LED, pos and neg LED jumpers (bottom right) and they seem to working just fine (power LED turns on when you press the power button, when accessing the NVMe I see the HD LED flash, and all LEDs are turned on the board).

I will definitely see if fan is connected to the first port.

It says that the front panel switch has to be set to the "0" position (all the way to the left) to be controlled by the MB and that: 1) So that alludes to the switch I mentioned in my initial post.

You can make LEDs turn off when turning off the computer if wanted I think. There is a firmware update for the AURA and Live Dash, first download on utilities. https://com/Motherboards/ROG-ZENITH-EXTREME/Help Desk_Download/ Your pc case fans or? Yep, likely due to the fan hub getting standby power for some reason. I've attached the diagram in the be quiet 900 manual.

Seems there are options for connecting it to a motherboard header, but you need to set a switch and also make sure you have a fan plugged into the master header on the hub (that's the one that sends back a tach signal). The PWR cable (port A) is suppose to go to the motherboard.

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