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Shocker - man, you have major stones there partner - it seems all such legislation is intentionally written in a vague manner to keep attorneys employed - and the local DA is simply another attorney probably seeking higher political office and would squash any bondage producer in a heartbeat if he thought it would buy him one more vote - I certainly admire any producer trying to make a go of it in any political climate - good luck with your project. Griffith of our little corner of the film universe, and I was interested to see how much respect Rick pays to the technical and cinematic abilities of the HOM artists.Stay Well All Fantastic to see all those old HOM images. Now Rick himself has produced an awesome array of feature length films ... Speaking of HOM, does anyone, such as Scribbler (who Ralphus calls our own "HOM historian") or Sgt Major, know the early history of HOM?Shocker: Sorry to hear about your difficulties attempting to make your first bondage film. Next up on the playlist is a fun little claymation piece involving cannibalism and a naked bound and gagged victim. Hello, Here is some clarifications and such about my site, sales, etc. Because the evil credit card companies want to censor what you can purchase, nicheclips was established 6 years or so to help our "necro-fetish" community survive by creating a pre-funded payment system.Unfortunately, you're just getting a small taste of the hardships that today's bondage producers face every day. (See link above.) It's fun in a cheesy and fake way (bad acting, no whip marks, no sweat). It has had years to become well established so many folks that are my regular customers are used to the initial delay of setting up an account and sending in a payment by Pony Express, er, I mean USPS.

However, it is much more work for me, so the savings and promotions will vary from month to month. And I agree that the song in Sardu's music vid is much better and also agree in that the singer is pretty cute.

While I hope she was just acting it does add to the overall 'realism' of the mood that HOM was so famous for. Shocker: Just remember that the law, like politics, is local.

In their own way the loops were better than the features as they lacked some of the intensity of the loops. It's no accident that most of the American porn industry is in the LA area. Hey Ralphus, good heads up on the "Disappearance of Alice Creed." Based on the interview, I'm sure there will be some good scenes... Looks like Netflix will get it too, so I've already added it to my queue!

Send me a check, cash or money order to: JMH Studios PMB# 221 3760 Market St. Liz and the lead singer of "Lesbian Bed Death." show that that's not always the case. ;-) I just had to throw that in, as I know even though JHL is taking a break "from all things Gimp", I know he probably can't stay away and is, even at this moment, lurking ;-) You know I'm just kidding with you right?

NE Salem, OR 97301 Please include a signed letter that states that you are 18 or over, list of what you want, and your email. Speaking of Liz Viscous, ( she stars in a movie called Succubus. Speaking of claymation...maybe that could be a nice next project for Cannon and his Dollhouse of Horrors If not...since he mentioned he has monster themed dioramas also, he could make one of that 50's sci-fi classic..."The Day the Earth Stood Ralphus" The Horror!!! And I also hold the sentiment of others here in that I hope your absence is honeymoon related and all is well in jhlipton's world! Your choice of credit card commercial to parody is uncanny to say the least, although it didn't have the same theme (your idea is unquestionably better).

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    However, each level of Monster Power will increase the drop chance of Demonic Essence from Elites and bosses according to the following values: MP 0: 15.0000 MP 1: 16.5000 MP 2: 18.1500 MP 3: 19.9650 MP 4: 21.9615 MP 5: 24.1577 MP 6: 26.5734 MP 7: 29.2308 MP 8: 32.1538 MP 9: 35.3692 MP 10: 38.9061 Archon Gauntlets of Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality Cost: 50,000 Gold Iridescent Tea x 20 Tome of Secrets x 5 Demonic Essence x 1 Archon Spaulders of Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality Cost: 75,000 Gold Tome of Secrets x 10 Archon Armor of Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality Cost: 150,000 Gold Tome of Secrets x 2 Razorspikes of Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality Exquisite Essence x 30 Amulet of Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality Cost: 100,000 Perfect Square Gem typed based on amulet type x 1 Fiery Brimstone x 1 New Gems Marquise Gems are AB and any item they are socketed into are also AB until the Marquise Gem is removed at a cost of 5 million Gold Marquise Gem crafting costs 20,000,000 Gold Radiant Star type of gem x 3 Demonic Essence x 10 Marquise Emerald Weapon: Increased Critical Hit Damage by 110 Helm: 33 Extra Gold from Monsters Armor: 62 Dexterity Marquise Topaz Weapon: Melee attackers take 2500 per hit Helm: 33 Better chance of finding magical items Armor: 62 Intelligence Marquise Amethyst Weapon: Each Hit adds 700 Life Helm: 19 Life Armor: 62 Vitality Marquise Ruby Weapon: 150 Minimum and 150 Maximum Damage Helm: Increases Bonus Experience by 33 Armor: 62 Strength New Ruby Stats Radiant Square Ruby: 40 minimum damage/ 40 maximum damage up from 16/ 16 Star Ruby: 60 minimum damage/ 60 maximum damage up from 17/ 17 Flawless Star Ruby: 80 minimum damage/ 80 maximum damage up from 18/ 18 Perfect Star Ruby: 100 minimum damage/ 100 maximum damage up from 19/ 19 Radiant Star Ruby: 120 minimum damage/ 120 maximum damage up from 20/ 20 Ruby Gem Builds geared towards no CC/CD like a Hydra Wizard or Sentry DH will get much more dps out of a RS Ruby than a RS Emerald When leveling an alt, CC can be hard to come by which means damage is worth more than CD and leaves 2 windows where Rubies are better than Emeralds Level 15-30: weapons start rolling with a socket at ilvl 15 and high dps Spectrums don t become available until clvl 30.