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There are so many different devices installed on today's computers that even expert PC technicians rely on automated tools to do the dirty work for them.

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Others will also find partners who manage to make adjustments to a relationship that may not feel exactly like the sentimental or emotional partnership they expected, but who have managed to build bridges over the gulf created by average expectations.

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Watch through doorways, enjoy the gods eye view of security cameras, chuckle at the quips that mark each new scene.

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The study recorded a 2700% jump in the use of blurring or pixilation to cover body parts - as is the case in the scene from The Office - in 2011-'12 compared to the prior year, when networks did so only two times In all, the study cited 76 incidents of 'full nudity' on 37 shows, like The Bachelor, pictured above, in 2011-'12.